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A Fun Way to Keep Your Children Hydrated

Cut watermelon with cookie cuttersShake things up this summer with playful edible eats! If your children are anything like ours at Dough Parlour, then we know how tiring it is to get children to stop their summer fun and stay hydrated. So, we came up with an easier way than to keep yelling for them to drink something. How? Well, by using our cool, fun shape cutters.

Fruits, especially watermelons, are loaded with water and nutrients (92% water). Of course, being that they’re sweet, they are also always a favourite. We took children’s love for fruit and play by simply pressing out watermelon shapes using our cutters, and guess what? They were a hit! They also happened to be the perfect size; not too big that they didn’t want to take it along with them and not too small that they finished it in one giant, mouth stuffing bite. Also, by adding a variety of shapes they turned eating fruit into a little game of their own.

Little things really do make all the difference.

Heart shape cookie cutter on watermelon heart shapes cut out of watermelon watermelon cut into heart shapes on a plate

Oh, one more thing – if you want to take your fruit flavours to a new level, we’ve got some watermelon scented dough at The Parlour… mmm! ?

What about you? Do you have any creative ways to keep your children hydrated, make your fruit pretty, or use Dough Parlour’s cool cutters? If so, we’d love to hear about it! Share it with us @DoughParlour and happy shape cutter-ing (not a word, but why not? ?)!

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